HERO Mud Run is not your ordinary Mud Run, it is an insane 5k obstacle run. It is equipped with 60+ unique and crazy obstacles with mud, fire, and barbed wire. The best part is you can choose the day of the event to run the 5k course, all for the same price. To complete a HERO Mud Run requires teamwork, courage, and determination to push your body further than you ever have before. Attempt it individually if you’re up for it or have a blast with your team!

HERO Mud Run is challenging, but extremely fun! If you want something that you and your friends will be talking about for years to come, this is the race for you. The adrenaline you experience at a HERO Mud Run will be enough to leave you asking for more. For the price of a night out, you will have one of the best experiences in your life and memories with friends that will last forever.



A HERO by definition is: a person who is admired for great or brave acts, achievements and noble qualities, or someone who shows great courage. So how does completing a HERO Mud Run make you a HERO you ask? It’s simple! You are admired for completing such a challenging task. Only a HERO will have the courage to complete a HERO Mud Run. And finally for the noble qualities…For each and every ticket sold we donate to the real heroes in your community; the men and women who have served to stand up and defend our great country! We also take your muddy shoes, clothes, and other goodies as donations and give them to those in your community who so desperately need them.


The HERO Obstacle Course

We have designed a course so unique it is unlike anything you will get anywhere else in the country.  The best part is WE ARE ALWAYS CHANGING the course so you never know what to expect. No more running on a solid cement road, through a boring field, or down a flat trail. Come experience a HERO MUD RUN!

What could possibly make our course more difficult? How about 60+ of some of the most challenging obstacles you will come across. The obstacles we offer are extreme, but if at any time you think you’ve had enough, there will be an alternate route with people to help you continue. You can always observe first or lend a hand to a fellow HERO.


What’s Included?

It wouldn’t be a HERO event unless we gave you some HERO gear to show off. The following swag is included with each HERO Race Mud Run: A HERO shirt, A Sweet HERO Medal, an adult beverage (21+ only), and Mud in your hair.


For the Competitive Heroes

We want this to be a fun family event so we do not time most Heroes, BUT if you just happen to be someone who really wants to fling some mud we have something for you. Our first wave will be the competitive heat so get up bright and early if you want to race in this one! We will give awards out to the top male and top female, plus prizes for the winner in each age group. In order to be eligible for prizes you must complete the whole course, participate in every obstacle, and compete in the competitive wave (1st wave of the day).

What do the winners get?

A special HERO prize, discounts, maybe a couple other surprises!

Age divisions

Age divisions for the competitive waves are organized as follows:


Best HERO Costume

Come dressed in your best HERO costume and get additional discounts on merchandise, food, and more!

You can also enter our FREE costume contest for the chance at some awesome prizes!


Wave Times

HERO Runner waves will begin every 30 minutes. Choose your preferred wave during on-line registration for the race. We will try to accommodate your wave preference, but in some cases you will be assigned to a different time. Teams will always stay in the same wave so if there are others you want to run with, make sure to sign up as a team. Your assigned wave time will be e-mailed to you within 5 days of the event.

Heroes should arrive approximately 1 hour prior to their wave time to allow for plenty of time to warm up and check in. Please be at the starting line at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your wave.


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